Thursday, October 7, 2010


Day 8 has also been successful (so far!).
I had another photo shoot this morning, so now hopefully have photos of all the dresses i am to wear for the rest of the month, give or take one or two frocks I'm not really looking forward to wearing for a whole day!
Days 9 & 10 are Saturday & Sunday, so I will upload the images of my weekend frocks now as well, and I will update again on Monday morning.

Day 8:

I love this frock, it is one of my favourites, and it is quite special because I found it after having lost it for 6 months. I had given up hope, until one day i stumbled across it in an overnight bag, was so very excited! This was the very first frock I bought from Dotti, thus creating a monster addicted to any flowery frock seen.

DAY 9:

A brand new frock! Purchased before I started on my Frock a Day quest, but I have been saving it to wear to my friends 21st picnic in the park tomorrow afternoon. A very expensive dress, more than i would normally spend, got it from Dangerfield. I am looking forward to wearing this one!! (I hope it's warm so I can ditch the tights!)
(This is also the first photo uploaded from the new photoshoot - note the curly hair!)

DAY 10:

This frock is another one I haven't worn in quite awhile, I bought it from Just Jeans a few years ago and I honestly think the last time I wore it was to my boyfriends cousins wedding. A nice dress for kicking around the city in, I thought.

See you Monday!
Jes x

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