Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DAY 13

Today was the day I got to wear the frock donated by from the vintage shop in Paynesville, Old Salts. Pretty exciting, everybody loves a freebie and a free frock is even better! I got lots of lovely comments today as well, & made sure to tell everyone just where this frock was from.

I also had two people come in to see me at work and make donations after seeing me in the newspaper - very positive stuff! A lady who owns a bridal clothing shop in town also is interested in putting me in one of her wedding dresses for the day! I guess we'll see how that goes, i certainly would look funny walking around work in a wedding gown!

DAY 13:
This is the vintage frock! I think perhaps from the 80s, not as old as some of the other frocks in the store but i wanted to wear a frock that fitted me, haha. Lovely red colour too, and it's warm enough to not need the tights! Bonus!

More tomorrow - i will have to upload the frocks for the next four days as i am going away for the weekend again. Just means i have to be uber orgainised i suppose!

Jes x

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