Monday, October 25, 2010

DAYS 23, 24, 25

Hi all :)

Have been super busy, so have also been super slack!
But here are the next few days frocks :)

DAY 23:

Op shop frock - Ryan calls it my 'trendy' dress! Again hacked up with scissors.

DAY 24:

I actually don't remember where i got this one? I'm thinking perhaps Just Jeans! But it was a verrrrry long time ago, it doesn't quite fit like it used to!

DAY 25:

This was purchased on Sydney Rd in Brunswick, on lunch break from uni one day. During my sailor craze! Bargain too, $20!

DAY 26:

Linsey found this at Savers Sydeny Rd for me yesterday - she is lovely! Nice & bright, only $10!

That's all for now! Except, oh yeah, i got a brand new sewing machine on the weekend!! It's beautiful. A brother, named Bertie. Amazing!! Now i can hem all those op shop dresses i've been hacking away at..

Jes x

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