Monday, October 18, 2010

DAY 18 & 19

Morning all :)
Didn't get a chance to upload yesterdays frock, so i will do yesterday & today right now!
Powderfinger were fantastic, though it was probably the most inappropriate day for a frock yet, SO COLD and rainy and windy.. I nearly froze!

DAY 18:

This a dress that i think i got from Valleygirl last time i was in the city. I's pretty cute, floral of course, but a tiny bit short so it's good the weather is calling for tights!

DAY 19:

I love the story behind this frock :) My sister has one that the same, only in purple & blue colours, that i borrowed before she'd even worn in & completely fell in love - so much so, i didn't want to give it back! Eventually, she convinced me to return it, adding that i could buy my own for $10 from this little shop in town. So i went to buy one, but the only one left was this yellow one the manequin! So i was pretty lucky i got one at all. My sister & i wore these matching frocks at Christmas time when we had our annual photo taken with Santa, too. A lovely summery frock :D

That's all for today, super busy, but all is going well!

Jes x

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