Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DAY 14 (& more!)

Hi all :)

I have to upload todays dress, plus frocks for the weekend now, as i won't be back at my computer until Sunday.. that is because i am going to Bendigo to see Powderfinger tomorrow, pretty excited! I'm taking my dad for Father's Day.
Yesterday afternoon i went and tried on some wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses at a local Bridal Drapery, i think i will be wearing one of each on the 29th, which is when we are having a frock Friday & morning tea at work. We will see though, the frocks were beautiful but of course the wedding dresses were so impractical, i'm not sure how i would go working in one!

DAY 14:

This is an easy, sack of a frock, bought from Myers about 1 and a half ago for $40. Because it is so plain and simple it has seen its fair share of funerals, but is also so comfortable and practical for work!

DAY 15:

Another op-shop frock, one that has been chopped up and is completely due for a hem! Otherwise it will thread away to nothing, i'm thinking. I chose this frock weeks ago to wear to Powderfinger, i'm not completely sure why but i guess that's what i'm wearing now!

DAY 16:

I surprised myself when i bought this frock a few weeks ok from Valleygirl - very pink and floral and has a nice big lacy collar! But i figured it was pretty, and affordable at $35, so i would just wear it when i was feeling particularly girly! My dad and i will be driving back from Bendigo the day i wear this, hopefully i don't have to get up to anything too physical or messy on Saturday night that i wouldn't want to wear my nice frock for! Ha.

Day 17:

This frock was bought in Byron Bay in 2009 whilst Ryan and I were up for the Bluesfest. I loved it at the time, but haven't worn it for ages, which is part of the reason i decided to wear this on a Sunday and not to work, as i don't really fit into the same way and i'm not sure how i feel about that! Haha. I will probably be around on Sunday to upload this image, but better safe than sorry!

Halfway there now - til next time!

Jes x

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