Sunday, October 3, 2010

DAY 2, 3 & 4

Hi all :)

Day 2, 3 & 4 have all been successful also - though due to a lack of foresight i didn't have the appropriate images with me to upload over the weekend, so i had to wait until today to do so!

Day 2:

This frock is an op-shop one, completely shapeless, but is looking better ever since a few feet were hacked off the bottom. This has resulted in a completely uneven hemline, but I'm ok with it! The weather was lovely all weekend so I could even do away with the tights and re-introduce my calves to the sunshine!

Day 3:

This frock was another bargain at $10, a few years ago i think, I almost had forgotten I owned it until I found it in my cupboard during a monster clean-out. The weather was even better on Sunday so again i could forget about the tights and pretend it was already summer :) 

Day 4:

This is ANOTHER $10 frock, from Cotton On I think, back to work today so I picked an easy dress for a Monday morning. The weather is beautiful again today, I seemed to have picked a good month to get frocked up!

On Wednesday I think I will be having another "photo-shoot" so I will have photos of the remaining dresses ready for uploading as I wear them. Another thing I think I should point out is that all of these dresses so far I owned before embarking on this challenge, & I won't be buying any new dresses to wear - I think i should be fine with the multitude of frocks I already have, & if not, I can hit up my favourite op-shop :)

Don't forget to contact me if you're interested in donating - remember it's all for a great cause!!

Jes x

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