Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DAYS 27 & 28

Hi all!
Yesterday, whilst getting dressed, i ran into a little problem.. when putting on the blue birdy dress i was supposed to be wearing, the zip broke! Completely! I was in a hurry so i grabbed the dress i was supposed to be wearing today, and today i wore a pretty lacey dress that i bought last week. So i will put up the photos of the dresses i SHOULD be wearing, even though they're kind of lies.

DAY 27:

This is the dress that broke.. :(
It was bought on a really good special in a dress shop in town, $120 marked down to $40! It was purchased to wear to a fancy dinner and i haven't worn it since.. It's very cute though!

DAY 28:

I was meant to be wearing this dress on Thursday, but instead wore it on Wednesday after the zip debaucle.. I bought this frock from my local (favourite!) op shop to wear to a party out in the bush. I quite like it! I think it was $3.50?

Tomorrow is my last day of wearing a frock to work, and we're having a morning tea & "Get Frocked Friday", where all employees are encouraged to wear a frock to work! I'm really looking forward to it!

Jes x

Monday, October 25, 2010

DAYS 23, 24, 25

Hi all :)

Have been super busy, so have also been super slack!
But here are the next few days frocks :)

DAY 23:

Op shop frock - Ryan calls it my 'trendy' dress! Again hacked up with scissors.

DAY 24:

I actually don't remember where i got this one? I'm thinking perhaps Just Jeans! But it was a verrrrry long time ago, it doesn't quite fit like it used to!

DAY 25:

This was purchased on Sydney Rd in Brunswick, on lunch break from uni one day. During my sailor craze! Bargain too, $20!

DAY 26:

Linsey found this at Savers Sydeny Rd for me yesterday - she is lovely! Nice & bright, only $10!

That's all for now! Except, oh yeah, i got a brand new sewing machine on the weekend!! It's beautiful. A brother, named Bertie. Amazing!! Now i can hem all those op shop dresses i've been hacking away at..

Jes x

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DAY 20 & 21

Didn't get a chance to upload yesterdays frock AGAIN! So will do two again today, it's all good!

Have been organising a "Get Frocked Friday" for at work next Friday, so am just about to make the posters  up and stick them around the office! Then all that is left to do is order some morning tea goodies & we'll be all set!

The weather is getting warm again, it just can't make up it's mind! Tomorrow is meant to be 26C so i think i will be able to ditch the stockings.

DAY 20:

One of my favourite frocks - I just love the story behind it!
I was going through a stage about 18 months ago where i was addicted to anything nautically themed. (I am still attracted mostly to dark red & blue hues, not to mention stripes!) I was down the street in down with Ryan & a few other friends & we were hitting up a few op shops. I found this frock in the back of a tiny op shop, instantly fell in love, tried it on & refused to take it off! I purchased it for $2 & continued to wear it around the street. We then went to get some food off our good friend who was working in a burger shop, who saw my dress & stated that it had been HER that gave it to the op shop to begin with! Not too rare in a small-ish town, but Jo then continued on to say that it had been her best friends sisters, and had been through Leah, Steph, Linsey & Jo to get to me. Which i thought was pretty great. :D

DAY 21:

I always get compliments when i wear this little number! I bought it from Just Jeans early last year, for about $60 i think. I wore it around Byron Bay for Bluesfest, and also for Christmas 2009, and probably lots of other times as well. It has cute little bronze coins around the neck that jungle when i walk :)

Gotta go - It's pay day & i have my eye on a few nice little frocks!

Jes x

Monday, October 18, 2010

DAY 18 & 19

Morning all :)
Didn't get a chance to upload yesterdays frock, so i will do yesterday & today right now!
Powderfinger were fantastic, though it was probably the most inappropriate day for a frock yet, SO COLD and rainy and windy.. I nearly froze!

DAY 18:

This a dress that i think i got from Valleygirl last time i was in the city. I's pretty cute, floral of course, but a tiny bit short so it's good the weather is calling for tights!

DAY 19:

I love the story behind this frock :) My sister has one that the same, only in purple & blue colours, that i borrowed before she'd even worn in & completely fell in love - so much so, i didn't want to give it back! Eventually, she convinced me to return it, adding that i could buy my own for $10 from this little shop in town. So i went to buy one, but the only one left was this yellow one the manequin! So i was pretty lucky i got one at all. My sister & i wore these matching frocks at Christmas time when we had our annual photo taken with Santa, too. A lovely summery frock :D

That's all for today, super busy, but all is going well!

Jes x

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DAY 14 (& more!)

Hi all :)

I have to upload todays dress, plus frocks for the weekend now, as i won't be back at my computer until Sunday.. that is because i am going to Bendigo to see Powderfinger tomorrow, pretty excited! I'm taking my dad for Father's Day.
Yesterday afternoon i went and tried on some wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses at a local Bridal Drapery, i think i will be wearing one of each on the 29th, which is when we are having a frock Friday & morning tea at work. We will see though, the frocks were beautiful but of course the wedding dresses were so impractical, i'm not sure how i would go working in one!

DAY 14:

This is an easy, sack of a frock, bought from Myers about 1 and a half ago for $40. Because it is so plain and simple it has seen its fair share of funerals, but is also so comfortable and practical for work!

DAY 15:

Another op-shop frock, one that has been chopped up and is completely due for a hem! Otherwise it will thread away to nothing, i'm thinking. I chose this frock weeks ago to wear to Powderfinger, i'm not completely sure why but i guess that's what i'm wearing now!

DAY 16:

I surprised myself when i bought this frock a few weeks ok from Valleygirl - very pink and floral and has a nice big lacy collar! But i figured it was pretty, and affordable at $35, so i would just wear it when i was feeling particularly girly! My dad and i will be driving back from Bendigo the day i wear this, hopefully i don't have to get up to anything too physical or messy on Saturday night that i wouldn't want to wear my nice frock for! Ha.

Day 17:

This frock was bought in Byron Bay in 2009 whilst Ryan and I were up for the Bluesfest. I loved it at the time, but haven't worn it for ages, which is part of the reason i decided to wear this on a Sunday and not to work, as i don't really fit into the same way and i'm not sure how i feel about that! Haha. I will probably be around on Sunday to upload this image, but better safe than sorry!

Halfway there now - til next time!

Jes x

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DAY 13

Today was the day I got to wear the frock donated by from the vintage shop in Paynesville, Old Salts. Pretty exciting, everybody loves a freebie and a free frock is even better! I got lots of lovely comments today as well, & made sure to tell everyone just where this frock was from.

I also had two people come in to see me at work and make donations after seeing me in the newspaper - very positive stuff! A lady who owns a bridal clothing shop in town also is interested in putting me in one of her wedding dresses for the day! I guess we'll see how that goes, i certainly would look funny walking around work in a wedding gown!

DAY 13:
This is the vintage frock! I think perhaps from the 80s, not as old as some of the other frocks in the store but i wanted to wear a frock that fitted me, haha. Lovely red colour too, and it's warm enough to not need the tights! Bonus!

More tomorrow - i will have to upload the frocks for the next four days as i am going away for the weekend again. Just means i have to be uber orgainised i suppose!

Jes x

Monday, October 11, 2010

DAY 12

Hi everybody!
I have not had a very good frock wearing day today - purely because the only tights i could find to wear had a huge hole in them, that was quite visible, and just got bigger and bigger as the day went on.. Ha.

This is a horrible photo! But a lovely frock - another el cheapo Dotti frock from a factory outlet! I think it was also $10. Bargain!

Jes x

DAY 11

The weather has been so perfect for frocks - i am loving it!
There was nothing nicer than a picnic in the park on the weekend, in the sunshine :)

This frock was a cheapie from Target one day when i desperately needed (wanted!) a new frock to wear to dinner. It feels like bathers, which i find disconcerting, but it has a floral pattern so i'm ok with it!

Jes x

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Day 8 has also been successful (so far!).
I had another photo shoot this morning, so now hopefully have photos of all the dresses i am to wear for the rest of the month, give or take one or two frocks I'm not really looking forward to wearing for a whole day!
Days 9 & 10 are Saturday & Sunday, so I will upload the images of my weekend frocks now as well, and I will update again on Monday morning.

Day 8:

I love this frock, it is one of my favourites, and it is quite special because I found it after having lost it for 6 months. I had given up hope, until one day i stumbled across it in an overnight bag, was so very excited! This was the very first frock I bought from Dotti, thus creating a monster addicted to any flowery frock seen.

DAY 9:

A brand new frock! Purchased before I started on my Frock a Day quest, but I have been saving it to wear to my friends 21st picnic in the park tomorrow afternoon. A very expensive dress, more than i would normally spend, got it from Dangerfield. I am looking forward to wearing this one!! (I hope it's warm so I can ditch the tights!)
(This is also the first photo uploaded from the new photoshoot - note the curly hair!)

DAY 10:

This frock is another one I haven't worn in quite awhile, I bought it from Just Jeans a few years ago and I honestly think the last time I wore it was to my boyfriends cousins wedding. A nice dress for kicking around the city in, I thought.

See you Monday!
Jes x

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Frocktober is pretty amazing - I am definitely loving it!
It's so lovely to know what i will be wearing that day when i get out of bed, & not to have to worry about getting to changed for after-work activities - And i'm getting so much use out of my clothes! It's impressive.

Today a lovely, lovely lady from a new vintage dress shop in Paynesville came into work to see me, to offer to donate a frock for me KEEP and wear for Frocktober, and have my photo taken in it for the newspaper. I am still blown away by her generousity. So i went for a trip to her store this afternoon, picked out a lovely new/old frock, and had some photos taken. I will be wearing this frock next Wednesday, so you will get to see the photo then :)

DAY 7:

Today I am wearing another fantastic op-shop frock - I think this one was $3? I have chopped some length off this one too, but I have also hemmed it, which is a bit of a rareity! Kind of sailor inspired, i enjoy wearing it!

That's all for today!

Jes x

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DAYS 5 & 6

Hi all!
Again, a computer glitch kept me from uploading my photo yesterday, but we're all set for today!
So far, this has been easy! The only problem is planning what i am going to wear for certain events so far in advance, but then again, that's also a bonus for packing to go places, because all i need is a couple of dresses! Day 6 so far, and i'm really going to have some more photos taken soon so i have some more dresses to wear..

DAY 5:

This is another op shop frock.. I think it set me back a whole $3..! So far this frock has really only been worn to music festivals (I think I wore it nearly everyday at Splendour in the Grass earlier this year!) but I got many compliments when I wore it yesterday, a lot of people I see regularly are beginning to enjoy seeing me frocked up every day.

DAY 6:

Ryan bought me this dress from San Remo on our way to Chill Island music festival last year - the minute he saw it he offered to buy it! It is a beautiful summer dress that I have gotten much use out of, but again this was another frock I had almost forgotten I owned until I found it in my cupboard.

That's all for today, I am getting regular donations so I think word must be getting around, but as long asI am raising awareness as well I am happy :)

Jes x

Sunday, October 3, 2010

DAY 2, 3 & 4

Hi all :)

Day 2, 3 & 4 have all been successful also - though due to a lack of foresight i didn't have the appropriate images with me to upload over the weekend, so i had to wait until today to do so!

Day 2:

This frock is an op-shop one, completely shapeless, but is looking better ever since a few feet were hacked off the bottom. This has resulted in a completely uneven hemline, but I'm ok with it! The weather was lovely all weekend so I could even do away with the tights and re-introduce my calves to the sunshine!

Day 3:

This frock was another bargain at $10, a few years ago i think, I almost had forgotten I owned it until I found it in my cupboard during a monster clean-out. The weather was even better on Sunday so again i could forget about the tights and pretend it was already summer :) 

Day 4:

This is ANOTHER $10 frock, from Cotton On I think, back to work today so I picked an easy dress for a Monday morning. The weather is beautiful again today, I seemed to have picked a good month to get frocked up!

On Wednesday I think I will be having another "photo-shoot" so I will have photos of the remaining dresses ready for uploading as I wear them. Another thing I think I should point out is that all of these dresses so far I owned before embarking on this challenge, & I won't be buying any new dresses to wear - I think i should be fine with the multitude of frocks I already have, & if not, I can hit up my favourite op-shop :)

Don't forget to contact me if you're interested in donating - remember it's all for a great cause!!

Jes x

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well, as far as i can tell so far, Day 1 has been a complete success! Granted it is only lunchtime, not to mention the only thing i have to do to be successful is wear a dress. but still, everything has gone off without a hitch!

If i haven't made myself very clear so far, here is an overview of what i am doing for the month with my "A frock a day" challenge.

During the month of Frocktober I'll be frocking up in support of the festive fundraising initiative aiming to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

A striking statistic is that, across Australia, "One woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer…for many women with ovarian cancer, the disease is already well advanced when they are first diagnosed”.

Unfortunately, there is currently no screening test for ovarian cancer. Frocktober aims to help improve the outlook for women with the disease by supporting the quest for a suitable early detection test, through fundraising for the OCRF.

Through fun – and sometimes quirky – measures, Frocktober is all about:
•  increasing the public's awareness of ovarian cancer and what it is
•  promoting women's health & wellbeing
•  celebrating the great diversity of shapes, sizes and colours women come in.

Essentially, Frocktober puts forward a challenge to girls, women and interested men far and wide: To don a frock for a day, week, fortnight or a full month during October, and get sponsored for it! It’s not just frocking up though, it’s about creating frocks, sourcing frocks through creative measures and in essence celebrating the frock in all its feminine glory...

This is probably a good time to let everyone know just how they can support me in my endeavor - sponsor me and make donations! This is how you can do so;

•  Cash: just fill out my donation form when donating your money. 
•  On-line payment: visit, go to the 'donate' page and include my registration number in the confirmation page.
•  Electronic Funds Transfer: Enter my registration number in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service. This will help track your payment.
                       Account name: Frocktober Inc
                       BSB 633000
                       Account number 134323187

My registration number for this purpose is: 649813.

The dress i have chosen to wear for Day 1 is a summery dress i bought for $10 from a Dotti factory outlet about a year ago. I was very excited to find this dress, it was such a bargain, and i haven't worn it for ages (mainly due to forgetting it existed after losing it in my cupboard!) so this is a good chance to get it out again.

Hope everyone is well & enjoying the start of my journey as much as i am..

Jes x

T minus tonight!

Dear every single one of my avid followers :)

This is my first post, as well as my last chance to wear pants for 31 days!
I really should be taking advantage of this, doing all the cartwheels & handstands i possibly can, sitting with my legs wide apart, not shaving my legs, the usual! But regardless of whether i do this or not, tomorrow will come, and with it the prospect of wearing a different dress everyday for 31 days - the whole month of October!

Today i had a "photoshoot", as my crusade will be followed by the local newspaper (of which i am an employee) and also on this blog, i need a photo of the dress i am wearing daily to upload and publish to the masses. So i took 15 dresses to a local photo studio, as organised by my boss, and proceeded to have the most awkward hour and a half of my life. If i didn't have another 15 dresses that needed photographing, it would be safe to say that i would never do it again!! I am certainly not model material. But at least i now have all the photos that will dictate what i am wearing for the next couple of weeks ready to upload & publish in the paper. Tomorrow's paper, the Bairnsdale Advertiser Friday October 1st edition will have a small article about this crusade in on page 6, as well as a photo of Day 1's dress.

That's all for today, i will be back tomorrow with my experience of Day 1!

Jes x