Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DAY 20 & 21

Didn't get a chance to upload yesterdays frock AGAIN! So will do two again today, it's all good!

Have been organising a "Get Frocked Friday" for at work next Friday, so am just about to make the posters  up and stick them around the office! Then all that is left to do is order some morning tea goodies & we'll be all set!

The weather is getting warm again, it just can't make up it's mind! Tomorrow is meant to be 26C so i think i will be able to ditch the stockings.

DAY 20:

One of my favourite frocks - I just love the story behind it!
I was going through a stage about 18 months ago where i was addicted to anything nautically themed. (I am still attracted mostly to dark red & blue hues, not to mention stripes!) I was down the street in down with Ryan & a few other friends & we were hitting up a few op shops. I found this frock in the back of a tiny op shop, instantly fell in love, tried it on & refused to take it off! I purchased it for $2 & continued to wear it around the street. We then went to get some food off our good friend who was working in a burger shop, who saw my dress & stated that it had been HER that gave it to the op shop to begin with! Not too rare in a small-ish town, but Jo then continued on to say that it had been her best friends sisters, and had been through Leah, Steph, Linsey & Jo to get to me. Which i thought was pretty great. :D

DAY 21:

I always get compliments when i wear this little number! I bought it from Just Jeans early last year, for about $60 i think. I wore it around Byron Bay for Bluesfest, and also for Christmas 2009, and probably lots of other times as well. It has cute little bronze coins around the neck that jungle when i walk :)

Gotta go - It's pay day & i have my eye on a few nice little frocks!

Jes x

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