Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DAYS 27 & 28

Hi all!
Yesterday, whilst getting dressed, i ran into a little problem.. when putting on the blue birdy dress i was supposed to be wearing, the zip broke! Completely! I was in a hurry so i grabbed the dress i was supposed to be wearing today, and today i wore a pretty lacey dress that i bought last week. So i will put up the photos of the dresses i SHOULD be wearing, even though they're kind of lies.

DAY 27:

This is the dress that broke.. :(
It was bought on a really good special in a dress shop in town, $120 marked down to $40! It was purchased to wear to a fancy dinner and i haven't worn it since.. It's very cute though!

DAY 28:

I was meant to be wearing this dress on Thursday, but instead wore it on Wednesday after the zip debaucle.. I bought this frock from my local (favourite!) op shop to wear to a party out in the bush. I quite like it! I think it was $3.50?

Tomorrow is my last day of wearing a frock to work, and we're having a morning tea & "Get Frocked Friday", where all employees are encouraged to wear a frock to work! I'm really looking forward to it!

Jes x

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